The University of the South Annual Report

THE UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH 2013-2014 REPORT TO THE DIOCESE OF LEXINGTON College of Arts & Sciences Enrollment from the Diocese of Lexington: 20 students total (4 report Episcopal heritage) Financial aid awarded to all college students from the Diocese of Lexington: $244,977 The School of Theology Seminary Enrollment from the Diocese of Lexington: 2 … [Read more...]

Youth Report

        The Diocese of Lexington          Youth Commission           The Diocesan Youth Community or DYC has had a very successful year.  We have packed as many Diocesan youth events into 2014 as we could without interfering with local congregation E.Y.C. calendars. There were no chairs for the chosen for 2014. The 2014 convention voted in favor of a resolution that was … [Read more...]

A New Day at St. Augustine’s!!

The 2014-2015 school year brings a number of changes and a great deal of excitement to the Chapel of St. Augustine of Canterbury at UK!  Our 3rd annual Lessons & Carols service drew the largest chapel crowd in six years and affirmed our commitment to building ecumenical partnerships with our Lutheran and Pentecostal friends.  Our Thursday night Episcopal fellowship … [Read more...]

Christian Formation

2014 found the Christian Formation program for the Diocese of Lexington very busy.  Each month an event has been held, rotating so once a quarter there is a child's event, a youth event, and an adult event. These events made it possible for small parishes to combine to have large events.  Children's events: A Child's Walk through Holy Week in Danville, Water Days in Covington, … [Read more...]

Retired Clergy

This past year the Retired Clergy and/or spouses enjoyed a luncheon at St. Michael's Church with Bishop Hahn presenting an overview of the diocese. Hospital and Nursing Home visitations continue.  Again Christmas cards with greetings from Bishop Hahn and Fr. Summers were sent. The Retired Clergy represent so much wonderful ministry over the years. When you see a Retired Clergy, … [Read more...]

“We’re All in It Together”: Convention 2014 highlights five areas of focus named by Blue Ribbon Commission

election 2014 exectutive council

The combined parishes of the Northern Kentucky Clericus offered a living demonstration of what being in it together can do as they hosted a 118th convention that was high on fellowship and learning, from the opening reception and booksigning at Trinity Church on Thursday evening through the closing prayer. The long awaited report of the Blue Ribbon Commission included five … [Read more...]

Workshops Offer Window into Ministries and Faith Issues of Northern Kentucky

One of the opportunities when we gather at convention this week is to see examples of ministry and explore issues of faith through the lens of our brothers and sisters of Northern Kentucky.  We will do this through a series of workshops offer to those attending Convention.  Eight workshop topics will be offered.  Each Convention participant can chose two … [Read more...]

Convention Poster

Each year a convention poster depicting the theme of the convention is given to each deputation for their church. A limited number of this year's signed and numbered poster will be for sale at the Leadership table in the exhibit area for individuals who would like them. A donation of a minimum of $10, cash or check, is asked. Proceeds will go to the work of the Diocesan … [Read more...]