Cathedral Domain Participates in Community Rewards Program


Kroger's Community Rewards program is now tied to your Kroger Plus card! Now a portion of each purchase made with your Kroger Plus card can automatically go to the Cathedral Domain! All you need to do is visit and follow these 3 steps: Step 1: Create an Account (if you already have an online account associated with your Kroger Plus … [Read more...]

St. George’s Day and 100th/50th Anniversary at the Domain


Join your Diocesan family April 19-21 at the Cathedral Domain to celebrate St. George's Day and the Annual Diocesan Spring Festival. It's also the 100th anniversary of the the Cathedral Domain and the 50th anniversary of the Cathedral of St. George the Martyr. Festivities begin Friday evening and continue throughout the weekend. Come for the entire weekend or just the day; … [Read more...]

Barnes Family Way Blessing

A torrential rain threatened most of central and eastern Kentucky during Tuesday morning and early afternoon, but by 4 PM, the magic of “the mountain” that is the Cathedral Domain not only saw the rain cease, but as the procession wound its way around the newly paved “loop”named for the Barnes family, the sun shone brightly on the red cross of the Cathedral of St. George the … [Read more...]

Bishop Chilton Blesses Rooms Adopted in the Carlisle Chenault Browning Guest House at All Saints Retreat Center at the Cathedral Domain

Each blessing was as personal and individual as the art and décor of the rooms at the Carlisle Chenault Browning Guest House as Bishop Chilton Knudsen tenderly prayed for “God’s peace to be with each person who will stay in this special room.” The small procession began in the Gerry Yeiser Room, given in loving memory by his wife, Mary T. Yeiser. “We remember Jerry, who was a … [Read more...]

Were you ever at a “Coketail” party at “The Bishop’s Palace”? Welcome to Moody Cottage!

Once upon a time, the women who attended the annual Women’s Conference and Retreat at the Cathedral Domain were invited to a Friday afternoon "Coketail Party" on the porches and lawn of "The Bishop’s Palace" – the small cottage which sits on a hillside overlooking the camp, just behind Patterson Lodge. Both the "Coketail Party" and "The Bishop’s Palace" were names given by the … [Read more...]

Best-Kept Secret in Diolex: Retreat Facilities at the Cathedral Domain


One of the best-kept secrets in the Diocese of Lexington is the opportunity for individuals or groups to get away from it all at the retreat facilities on the Cathedral Domain property. The words “Cathedral Domain” automatically bring images of summer camps and youth activities-particularly as camping season rolls around. While some may have attended a vestry retreat, or … [Read more...]

Domain Sunday Resources

cathedral-domain-cathedral bw

The mission and ministry of the Cathedral Domain blesses people of every age and circumstance. Every congregation is invited to observe a time of prayer and learning on Sunday, May 20 (Easter 7) or whenever it fits into your Sunday celebrations. This is a wonderful day to highlight both the ministry that comes forth from the Cathedral Domain, as well as the Capital Campaign for … [Read more...]

Camp Indian Summer: A Camping Experience for Adults

Introducing an all-new adult opportunity! August 24-26 at the Cathedral Domain Recreation – Relaxation- Social Time Camp Indian Summer is a special all-new opportunity for the young-at-heart adults of all ages to forget the worries of every day life and enjoy the kind of carefree existence that made being young so special. No matter where you grew up, or whether … [Read more...]